Learning activities

Good morning all!

I hope everyone had a great and safe weekend.

Spellings: Please focus on the spelling and which context they are used in (by putting it into a sentence) Sometimes it isn’t always about the spelling, it’s about understanding which one to use in the correct way (choosing the correct spelling is also a skill). Please do not feel pressured to learn all of them or stick to a specific year group.

Year 1: people, because, Mr, Mrs, asked, called, looked. Year 2: build, busy, length, learn, eight, heart. Everyone in Class 2: there, their, they’re (these are important as this causes confusion with everyone in their writing).

Literacy: Write a fact file about your favourite animal. What is its habitat (live)? What does it eat (diet)? What does it look like? Interesting facts. We have already completed a ‘top trump’ on a jungle animal, so this should be quite fresh. Year 1 focus: writing independent simple sentences (you can ask for spellings of tricky words like topic words but you should try and write/spell as much as you can by yourself). Take your time and count out the words in your sentence. If you would like to extend your sentences further by using ‘and’, ‘but’ or ‘because’ that would be brilliant too! Always remember capital letters and full stops. Year 2 focus: compound sentences. This means 2 simple sentences that have been joined together using a conjunction. Parents: please use the site to help you if you want. The children would have heard the term ‘connective’ rather than conjunction but connectives and conjunctions are slightly different when used in context of ideas or simple sentences. https://www.softschools.com/examples/grammar/compound_sentences_examples/442/ Challenge: Try to add modal verbs to your writing. You may want to research these and you can always add more than one! You should think carefully about your sentences.

Maths: My maths has been updated on Thursday and more work is set to go on there today. I will not be setting specific maths focuses on the blog as this is exactly what My maths is for. Work is being set collaboratively and specifically for students to focus on areas of challenge and to extend their knowledge further. Although, if you would like to work on a specific focus, we were learning about multiplication and our times tables (2, 3, 4, 5, 10s) for everyone and some were challenge to focus on 6 and 7s. We have already learnt about arrays and I blogged last week using ‘grouping’.

Audio books: Today, David Walliams will be reading Tandy’s Tantrums. https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/

Lego challenge: Hollywood hires YOU to build the set for the new Star Wars movie! Please send any photos through to the office as it is always lovely to see what the children are up to!

Thank you all for your hard work with the children! Also, thank you for supporting our teaching team during this odd time.

Many thanks,

Miss Jenkins.