Free apps!


I know we have given you lots to do already, but just in case you or the children want a change (or you want them to learn without realising…) here’s a list of FREE apps available.

I have not yet tried them all, so apologies if they aren’t very good, but they are free to try!

Hope they are helpful! 🙂

Miss Jenkins


page1image33800 page1image33968 page1image34136

Price: Free
This is another great free app for teaching designed and looks great. There are plenty of children the basics of programming. It has been inspired by Scratch and has a similar look with basic blocks which are fitted together to create sequences.

Daisy the Dinosaur

page2image4304 page2image4472 page2image4640

Price: Free
This free app is a great introduction to

coding for younger pupils. It takes them step by step through simple instructions, gradually building up sequences. From here, children can move onto a variety of other coding apps and then onto classic computing programmes such as Scratch.

Math, age 4-6

page3image3960 page3image4296

Price: Free
This is has such a range of great activities! It is a super app with a great virtual teacher to guide the children through the tasks which cover everything from basic number work to sequences, position and direction, fractions, shapes, mathematical language, division and more!

Essential Skeleton – Free

page3image19632 page3image20136 page3image27440

This virtual skeleton is a super free app for all those teaching about the human body. This is a human skeleton in minute detail, discovering how the bones fit together intricately. You can focus on individual bones, make bones transparent to look right through them at those beneath.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

page5image5392 page5image5728

Price: Free
This is a an app providing a variety of problem solving opportunities for the children. As you
help Pirate Jack to find the hidden treasure you take part in mathematical and literacy
based tasks: shapes, spelling, addition sums,sequencing, and time problems, etc.

page5image5560 Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe

Price: Free

This provides a great interactive opportunity for children to work on their phonics skills through play. Each grid provides a range of questions aimed at developing and testing children’s word skills, knowledge of letter sounds, blends and rhymes.

page5image29216 Toy Story Read Along

Price: Free
Disney do a few of these read along books and

this is their free one – that’s why we got it! There are a whole host of features included: a narrator, highlighted read along text, opportunities to paint and export pictures, sing- along songs and games to play! That is plenty to keep them amused!

Monster Hunt – The Memory Game

page6image3648 page6image9560

Price: Free
This is a simple and really effective app aimed and improving working memory. You get a few seconds to view where the monsters are hidden and then have to click on their hiding places. The difficulty grows, the better you get! It’s free and effective, so well worth having!

page6image31880 Memory Block

Price: Free
This app promotes the development of visual memory through following the lights as they flash in sequence. It also uses sounds to support the learner and repetition to reinforce the sequences. It is similar to the ‘Memorise’ app also included on this site, but seems to offer a more gradual build up

Collins Big Cat – Around The World

page7image6176 page7image6344

Price: Free
This is another great animated book for young readers by Collins. Children have several options: have the story read to them, read the story themselves, adapt the images to create their own story. They can write their own text or record their narrative. They also have opportunities to add speech bubbles and thought bubbles.


page8image7816 page8image8152

Price: Free
If you are looking for a new option for music


page8image7984 page8image8152

Price: Free
A classic wordfinder app. As you make words from adjoining letters they ‘pop’ and new letters fall into the spaces. There are a variety of options and you can build up from practising to timed challenges. This is a popular game based on Boggle.

Mibblio page8image28728

Price: Free
This musical storybook app enables children to interact with the music in a variety of ways. Centrally placed is the story with catchy illustrations and words. All around the outside are the instruments. We downloaded the Old Macdonald ‘Mibblet’and the children enjoyed switching on and off the instruments, playing their own supporting melodies.

Puppet Pals HD

page10image5152 page10image5808

Price: Free
This is fun and simple animation app. For free, you are provided with a limited collection of ‘puppets’ or cartoon characters and some backdrops. You can then act out scenes, move them around, record audio, generally get creative!

Phonics Lilies page10image20232 page10image20736

Price: Free
This is a simple, progressive phonics app with a friendly bee guiding you through the activities. It has a British accent which is a real bonus! The app is free and well worth having for Foundation stage. Children can develop their knowledge of individual letter sounds and then blends and vowel digraphs.

Bee -Bot page15image21480 page10image20736

Price: Free
Beebots are commonly used in Primary School in the ICT curriculum. The children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 use them as an introduction to programming and control. At its most basic, the children understand that pressing a certain button has an effect on the Beebot’s movement.