Breakfast for a knight.

We had a really fun time today making breakfast fit for a knight. We mixed porridge oats, chocolate and raisins with warm milk. The children compared it to a milkshake and very much enjoyed eating it.

Rogue gallery!

Today in class one, we imagined what the Brigends (from our focus story) looked like. The children spent a great deal of time on their drawings and as you can see from the photos below, they have imagined some scary rogues. Mrs Whybrow, Miss Ripton and Miss White

Reading records.

I have popped a sound mat in reading records for you to support your child with recognising the graphemes (written letter) to the phoneme (sound). This will really help with your child with their writing and reading. Year one, please can you encourage your child to spot digraphs and trigraphs (for example ch/oi/igh) when you… Read more »

Attack and defend!

Today in PE, we used beanbags to attack a castle. Some of the children were tasked to defend their castle whilst their friends threw beanbags into the spaces of the castle walls. It was great fun!

Year One parents.

I have set an activity on My Maths, please assist your child to complete this homework. We now have access to an online times table site, more information will come home shortly. I shall be sending home some resources over the next few weeks regarding the phonics screening check. This may include some real and… Read more »


Today, we explored our outdoor area because Jack Frost had been and painted our garden. We found lots of ice in all shapes and patterns. We looked at the air bubbles that were within the ice. Our favourite finds were a ladybird that had unfortunately frozen and an ice block which contained leaves so it… Read more »

Christmas dinner!

Today, class one and two enjoyed a fantastic feast cooked by the wonderful Maxine. The children and staff enjoyed our special dinner. We would all like to thank Maxine and staff who helped serve up the festive treat.

Deepening our understanding in maths.

Today, the year ones focused on deepening their understanding of addition. We talked about what it actually means to add, explored the vocabulary around the concept and looked at the operations needed within an addition number sentence.

Nature shapes

We are currently exploring shape in Class one. The children were set a challenge to create 2D shapes using natural materials. It was great fun! Year one focused on the faces that made up a 3D shape.

We are building a lighthouse!

Class one will be creating their own lighthouse shortly. Today, we investigated how an old lighthouse would have turned the light using cogs. The children attempted to make a gigantic working mechanism. Year one explored circuits and learnt how to power a light bulb ready for our very own lighthouse!