Class 1 dojo talent show!

Today in class 1, we have decided to do a talent show via class dojo. We have discussed some talents that can be sent through like dancing, singing, building a model etc. The photos/videos will be shown on Thursday to the class! Everyone will get a dojo for participating and the winner will get 10… Read more »

Nature looms

Continuing our natural art theme, today Class 1 used looms in order to do some weaving. The children worked hard as a team to weave the grasses and flowers over and under the loom strings. The outcome was amazing!

Ladybird Chrysalises

We are very lucky in Class One as we have several ladybird chrysalises that we have been observing since they were larvae. We are waiting to see the ladybird wiggle out, it’s super exciting.

Nature printing

This afternoon, Class One learnt how to use the printing technique called Hapa Zome. We took inspiration from the Arts and Crafts designer William Morris. The children really enjoyed finding colourful flowers and crushing them with a stone, creating a wonderful symmetrical pattern. We are very impressed with our creations..

The surgery is open!

Yesterday, the children wanted to turn the role play area into a Doctors surgery. They very quickly began enjoying the area before the adults even had time to make the area more surgery like!! Such fantastic vocabulary used and collaborative play seen.


Today, Class 2 children had a treat this afternoon as they were the first to trial the new school Chromebooks. They practised logging in and then created characters using the mouse track pad. We would like to say a huge thank you to the PTFA for purchasing the laptops. It will enhance our computing curriculum… Read more »

We are a doubling machine.

Today, we used natural materials in our woodland to explore doubling. We fed sticks, stones and flowers into our machines to find the double. It was so much fun.

Our zoo trip

We had such an amazing day at the zoo yesterday, here are some highlights.

Exciting plant growth

Take a look at our fabulous Timelapse video of our beans growing. It really is amazing!

Yayoi Kusama

This afternoon, Class 2 joined Class 1 in some collaborative art. We looked at the work of artist Yayoi Kusama and how she saw that dots can be seen everywhere. We then made a viewfinder inspired by her work, it was good fun.