Year one homework due on Wednesday

Tomorrow in class, year one will be learning about how to plan for a short piece of narrative writing. This will be based on your child’s bear they bring in on Monday. i would like the children to write a plan ready for Wednesday, please check your child’s book bag for a template to support… Read more »

Honey buns

Today, the children in reception made buns using the honey left to us by the beekeeper who removed our swarm. All the class had one and they were a hit.

Teddy Bears

To carry on our topic learning about Bears, please could all children bring in their own Teddy Bear on Monday (only one please!) We will be focusing our learning on our teddy bears all week, writing about them, making them some exciting play equipment and we may even have a picnic with our bears towards… Read more »

Painting Paddington Portraits

Today, Miss Ripton and the Reception children, created a Paddington portrait using a fork. I”m sure you will agree they all look fantastic!

Honey bee swarm

We have had an exciting day in Class one today. A swarm of honey bees decided to form on our outside area tree. We spoke to a bee keeper who will be taking them away for us and learnt that the queen bee had left her hive with lots of her female workers and they… Read more »

Year one homework

This weekend, I would like year one to complete the following homework. We have been learning about diary entries and their features, then creating our own as if we were Paddington Bear. I would like the children to create a diary entry for Paddington based on what the children are doing over the weekend. The… Read more »

Cricket skills

This afternoon, class one began to learn some skills so we can play cricket. We practised throwing a ball a cone to see if we could knock it over. Year ones then bowled a ball to the feet of their wicket keeper to catch.

Summer solstice

Today, we learnt about the science behind the Summer solstice. We explored using balls and torches to be the sun and earth, it was great fun

Summer safety

As the weather is ,meant to be heating up toward the end of the week, please ensure your child has sun cream on before school, a hat and ensure that a water bottle is provided, (squash is only suitable for lunch). We are spending a great deal of time outside in the heat. Thank you… Read more »

Busy bees

Today, class one have been very busy learning in our outdoor area. We played a game of find the sound in the water, made shapes in the sand and then painted faces. It has been a lovely day. Year one have been learning about 1/4 and how it has to be equal in each fraction…. Read more »