Thursday 28th January

I hope you have been enjoying watching the clips of Steve Backshall and the wild animals. Here is another for today! Wow, how cool was that clip?! What I would like you to do is compare the cheetah with a domestic pet cat. Think about what was said about the cheetah in the clip, the… Read more »

Wednesday Maths

This game will challenge your mental maths skills. Reception I would like you to choose Level 1 numbers to 10. Set the time interval to 10 seconds initially. Year 1 choose Level 2 addition up to 25. Adjust the time in between the questions to increase the challenge. Mrs Whybrow

Wednesday 27th Jan

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a productive week. As promised, here is another clip of Steve Backshall in Africa. What did you think of the Gorillas? Do you think you would be brave like Steve? Yesterday, you saw Steve in a kayak. I have a Science experiment for you about floating or sinking…. Read more »

Tuesday 26th January

Good morning! Today, we will start of gently with some yoga. Yesterday, I asked you to look at the African rainforest. Did you find out that the main part is called the Congo? Now, the Congo can be a scary place! There are snakes, spiders and other frightening creatures. I would like you to imagine… Read more »

Maths – Monday 25th January

Maths today helps me with some problem solving within my house. I bought these crisps for my children, how many crisps do I have in total? When I went to get a snack I found this many packs left… How many have my children eaten? Can you write it as a number sentence please. (e.g…. Read more »

Learning for 25th January

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Let’s get today started with a fantastic fine motor activity. I would like you to try and make an origami butterfly. Watch this tutorial and see how you go. This week, will will be travelling from the Amazon to the rainforests in Africa. Can you… Read more »

Superstars at home!

Hello! Thank you to our regulars who send me in lots of photos of your home learning. It is amazing to see how busy you are. Well done to Elliott for mastering how to ride his bike without stabilisers, I wonder if anyone else is trying master a skill like this at home? Please do… Read more »

Friday 22nd January

Hello all, well done on completing another wonderful week of learning. Today, I would like you to have an enrichment day. I want to see lots of colouring, painting, lego model building, baking, outdoor walks etc. Have a go at making your own sloth! For phonics today I would like you to find 3 clips… Read more »

Challenge answers.

Sorry for the delay in responding to you all with the answers to your clues. B Elliott is it a blanket? Jesse is it a book? David, is it a Barbie? M Jesse it is Mum David is it a magnet? Elliott is it a monkey? Sh Elliott, is it a Sheepdog? (I think) Mrs… Read more »