What a discovery!

You will never believe what happened this afternoon in Class One! We found a note from the Pirate Redbeard telling us he had lost his sparkly, pretty treasure somewhere in our classroom. He told us to give it back OR ELSE!!!! In our outdoor area, we found such an amazing, exciting discovery! The children (an… Read more »

It’s cricket season!

This half term, we will be learning how to play cricket! Today, we built upon last terms ball skills and learnt how to bowl, hitting the wicket. Year 1 had a great attempt at overarm bowling, very impressive indeed. Next week, we shall use the actual cricket stumps.

Last Mildred update.

We have all thoroughly enjoying watching Mildred and her journey to hatch her eggs. She ended up with two nestlings, of which we have named Sparkle and Rainbow. By the time we come back to school, the nestlings will have turned into fledgings and may have left the nest. It’s a shame we can’t see… Read more »

Easter break write!

Hi, just a quick note to say your child has come home with the following note paper… I am not expecting lots and lots of writing, although it would be lovely to see some of the fun your have had on holiday written for me. I can then read about all your fantastic family time…. Read more »

Monday’s Mildred watch.

Mildred definitely has two nestlings. We are not sure whether the third egg has hatched as yet, and cannot see it properly as obviously do not want to disturb them. The children were really excited to see them and have completed some wonderful work based on the video we captured. Check back tomorrow for another… Read more »

Cuteness alert!

Mildred sat on her eggs all day yesterday, so when I checked on her this morning I was expecting to see her. Instead she wasn’t there! I quietly had a peek in her nest and found another nestling had hatched. It is so cute!!!

Mildred has a nestling!

Such exciting news awaited the children this morning, an egg had hatched. The children estimated the days until hatch day and we were spot on! We are going to be naming the nestling and any subsequent ones. The class have written their choices down and we will vote. Our nature garden is also a hit!… Read more »

Fantastic Phonics.

The children really impressed us in class today with their phonics. It seems like they are really eager to learn and taking their learning on board well. If you could do the following with your children from tomorrow: Spot the digraphs in their reading books. Spot sounds around the house, for example food packets in… Read more »

Robin watch!

Today, Mildred the Robin momentarily left her nest! The children watched as she flew from the bushes to the chair barricade around her nest, up onto her eggs within the construction triangle. It is so very exciting, she is tolerating our noisy play well too. 9 or 10 days until hatch day hopefully!!! Mrs Whybrow… Read more »

Robin Watch Day 3

Today’s update! We think the our Robin (the grown ups call her Mildred), has started to brood. If you look at the way she is sitting in her nest. this is the nesting position. We hopefully should have a family of Robin’s in just under two weeks. Mrs Whybrow and Miss Ripton