Gravity Experiment

Today we carried it an experiment about gravity. We dropped objects from above be the tables and timed how long they took to land on the floor. Most of us predicted that it would be the heaviest object, but we found that actually they hit at almost exactly the same time.


We have been learning about instructions. We read some instructions to identify the important words and features of instructions. We then played a game to build models in pairs. We had to use instruction words to make the models the same!

Story Time!

Our class love story time, our newest stories we have read are: OPEN VERY CAREFULLY and Can’t you sleep little bear? The children really love the after story discussions we have about the characters, plot and their favourite parts.

Music lesson

On Wednesday we had a music lesson where we learnt a new note: D, in addition to our other note E. We had lots of fun playing along to the song Strictly D.

French – Body Parts

Yesterday we continued learning our French by singing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French! Then we designed and drew aliens and labelled their body parts. Next we played Guess Who with aliens. We had to say the number and body parts in French. Here are the aliens we were playing with.

Class 1 reading with class 3

Yesterday class 1 read their reading books with the help of class 3. They really enjoyed spending some quality time with class 3 and reading with their peers.

PE games (do you want to build a snowman?)

Today we did our own PE lesson which involved many different exciting winter related games including having a snowball fight using paper balls, building a snowman using some of our PE equipment and finally a paper-chain relay.

Reading help with class 3

Today class 1 joined forces with class 3 so they could help us with our reading. The children really enjoyed reading to the older children in the school. Class 3 helped class 1 with not only their reading but they helped them with their sounding out as well. Class 3 also read some of their… Read more »

Stained glass windows

Today we started creating our stained glass windows that we are going to sell at our winter bazaar, here is a sneak preview of them. We hope you look forward to seeing them when they are complete.

Outdoor adventures

On Wednesday the 6th of December, the children had lots of fun playing outside. We decided to get out lots of our rideable toys out like our tricylces and our scooters.The children played lots of different games riding around the outside area. we also got out our new paint rollers, the children used these to… Read more »