Thank you to Mrs Brown-Lee for organising the bread making today. Of course we had to had French Baguettes to fit in with our topic.

Missing Shoes

Could you please have a look at your child’s shoes. It appears that while getting ready at the end of the day yesterday, one pair got mixed up. We’re looking for a pair of new, black shoes that are possibly size 1.  Thank you, Mr. Este


This morning, Class 3 and 4 were lucky to have Mrs. Saye in to talk to us about photography. Both classes  then had a lot of fun taking photos. Unfortunately, some of class 3 got a little muddy in their excitement! (Sorry!) Nevertheless, we had some excellent photographs and budding photographers. Photos will be put… Read more »

Creative week

Today we started our Creative week off with a visit from Mrs Baulch. During assembly time, we listened to some children play the piano and sang some songs together. Whilst we were singing, we had to change our voices according to the musical terminology e.g. Piano, fortissimo and staccato. Thank you Mrs Baulch for taking… Read more »

Hand washing

This morning before snack we had a chat about how important it is to wash our hands. We used green paint and glitter to see how quickly our germs spread! We also learnt that if we sing the happy birthday song or count 1-20 whilst we wash our hands it’s just the right amount of… Read more »

Number line

Today we created our own number line outside on the playground. We wrote our own numbers down using chalk and then ordered ourselves from small to large. 

The board of champions

These people were chosen yesterday. From Mrs.Beven. Well Done Everyone! By Caitlyn and Bella.

We love PE

Class one learnt a new ball game in PE today. The children really enjoyed bench ball and we had a class competition. We are definitely playing this again. 

Symmetry explorers

Today, class one explored symmetry! We thought about what it meant and we decided that butterflies and ladybirds are examples of symmetrical patterns. We then explored using mirrors and pegs.