French Artists

We wanted to share some of our artwork. Inspired by French artists. I think you will agree we have some budding artists in the making! 

Yes we ‘cam’

Is afternoon we have been working on cam mechanisms; building vehicles that had up and down movement as well as the standard forward and back. We will be building on this idea to design toys later on.

Median, Mode and Mean

Today we looked at different prices of our favourite things to work out the Median, Mode and Mean.

Team work

Today in class one, we had fun with the new giant Meccano. We all worked together wonderfully to construct many objects. 

Felting (continued)

A massive thank you to everybody who was involved in helping with the felting today. The results were fantastic and we can’t wait to see it when it is finished and bought back in. I apologise to anyone I didn’t get to thank in person. Everyone’s help was truly appreciated. Mr. Este 

Learning packs.

Good afternoon, Children will be receiving learning packs this weekend and the beginning of next week in case of a school closure (unlikely at the moment). We like to be prepared just in case. Learning has been set via paper packs and my maths learning too. Please check with your class teachers for logins if… Read more »

Clay models

We enjoyed making our clay model portraits today!


We have been working hard on our felting picture today. It’s going really well so far. We look forward to showing you the finished article!

Clay faces

We thoroughly enjoyed making clay faces as part of creative week.

Salt dough fun!

Today we used salt dough to make fun self portraits! We are so proud of our models.