Maths – 3D shapes

Today in Class 2, we have been looking at 3D shapes – their names, properties and how you can build them (nets). We need to keep practising the shape names and recognising them, so any help at home would be amazing! Thank you – Miss Jenkins.

Exciting science investigation

Yesterday the children learnt about different materials. After we spoke about the tree little pigs we found out that the pigs had ran out of straw, sticks and bricks. So Mummy pig wanted to find out if different materials could sustain in the big bad wolf (or as we used a hairdryer). The children then… Read more »

Creative homework

Just look at our lovely display of creative homework so far this term! We are running out of space on our homework wall but don’t worry… We’ve moved onto our window space too!  Please feel free to ask questions or talk to me or Mr Fox about any concerns. After school is always the best… Read more »

Creative homework – Class 2.

Creative homework has been set for this term and all homework is expected to be in by the last week. All homework should be completed to a good/high standard. If all homework is not completed by the last week of term, we will be completing  pieces during lunchtime in a homework club and you will… Read more »

Using a dictionary

This morning, Class 2 did a really quick 10 minute activity looking for different words in the dictionary.  Everyone was partnered up and had 2 minutes to find a specific word in the dictionary. Once found, the class had 3 jobs. 1. Find our the word class/ group – noun, verb or adjective, 2. Find… Read more »

My maths logins

Good afternoon everyone. With regards to my maths and logging in… The first login in is:  tolleshunt Password: rectangle258 It should then take you to ‘My portal’. Please use the 3 numbers as a login in. Then, the 3 letters for the password. Any problems please don’t hesitate to ask myself or Mr Fox. Thank… Read more »

Maths – properties of shape

This week, Miss Aspinall has started ou  new topic of Shape.  We have been learning 2D shapes and their properties (what they haven’t/look like). We’ve had lots of fun with carousel activities where we’ve traced, drawn and physically made the different 2D shapes. Don’t forget, there is my maths homework set for this week and… Read more »

Daily maths

Our new daily maths layout has really kick started our new term! We have been so enthusiastic and have been showing we can work well with new partners. You can see lots of ‘thinking’ faces in these photos and lots of smiles from knowing they are achieving so much in this short time. Mr Fox… Read more »

Skills carousel

We treated today as our skills Friday since tomorrow is our Christmas jumper day. It was atlas work, number grids, dictionary and thesaurus hunt and where’s wally but looking through

Premier demonstration

This morning, Archery and dancing club put on a performance to the school to share the skills they’d learnt this term. Thank you to the coaches for all their hard work supporting the children.