Zoom tomorrow!

Our Zoom meeting is scheduled for 10.30 tomorrow morning and I will have the waiting room open from 10.25 am so that we can get ready. The invitation is being sent on Parentmail this afternoon. Don’t forget that all children must be supervised but adults are not required to be seen. I would love see… Read more »

Make your own Word Wall.

On the 29th of April 1852 Roget’s Thesaurus was published for the first time and this reminded me of our fantastic Word Wall in the class room which isn’t getting any bigger ( sad face 🙁 )! GET A DICTIONARY! Have a think, what words have you either read or heard that you can’t be… Read more »

A Sporting First!

On the 28th of April 1923 the very first FA Cup was held at Wembley Stadium. Who was playing and what was the final score? Have a go at these, can you solve the first one in your head? 5, x 7, -11, divide by 3, x 2, + 20, one third of this, halve… Read more »

Class 4 weekly learning.

We had a brilliant Zoom meeting on Friday with half of Class 4 joining in and we are doing it again on Friday 1st May at 10.30am and I do hope that some more of you will join in. Look out for the invitation link and password which will be sent out on Parentmail on… Read more »

Zoom meeting 10.30 Friday 24/4/20

Good morning Class 4 Parents and Children, Just a few notes before the Zoom meeting this morning. Firstly, a reminder to please ensure that children are supervised during the meeting. This doesn’t mean you have to be on camera during the meeting, just that you are close by to keep an eye on what’s happening…. Read more »

Zoom in on Class 4.

This Friday, the 24th April, at 10.30 I will be holding a Zoom meeting for Class 4 so that we can see each other, I’ve now got a beard, and show some of our work. I have scheduled a meeting on Zoom. To keep the meeting safe and secure, a link to join the meeting… Read more »

Earth Day.

Today is the 50th Earth Day which started in 1970 in the USA. Usually it is marked by activities such as tree planting, road-side litter collecting etc but this year we’ve got to think of ideas for the home. https://www.nasa.gov/content/earth-day-2020-50th-anniversary-toolkit NASA ( North American Space Agency ) has lots of information and ideas which can… Read more »

Areas, wading birds and a birthday.

Over the year Class 4 has looked at perimeter and area, here is a set of challenges that will remind you of our previous learning. Remember to show square numbers for area. The coast of Essex is made up of estuaries and mud flats which are home to many species of wading birds, the wordsearch… Read more »

Summer Term has begun!

We have lots of interesting and exciting work planned for you over the next few weeks and this week’s work can be downloaded here and will be sent out on Parentmail. We’ll also put up daily brain teasers to get you started.

Friday Brain Teasers.

Here are a few puzzles for you to solve: Milson has divided 15 x 1p coins among 4 bags and now, without opening any of the bags, he can pay any sum between 1p and 15p. How many pennies were put into each bag? Jackie paid £21.00 for 5 presents, A, B, C, D and… Read more »