Garland Day.

May the 13th was traditionally Garland Day but the custom has slowly dwindled away over the last 50 or 60 years. A garland is a display of flowers that are woven together so that they can be carried to be set down at a special place. You might think of the circles of poppies at… Read more »

The life of a pebble.

In the clip below I have been reading from a lovely book called The Pebbles on the Beach by Clarence Ellis which was first published in 1954 and is a favourite book of mine. It’s all about the different pebbles that he found on his walks, how they formed, which ones he liked and where… Read more »

It’s Tuesday!

I’m missing the spelling test and handwriting tasks that we always used to do on Tuesday mornings. Have a go at these brainboosters below and have a great day of learning! The letters of the alphabet missing from the list below spell one thing that you might find growing in the garden at this time… Read more »

Weekly learning 11.5.20

Good morning everybody. I hope that you enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend and had lots of fun with your families. This week’s learning continues to look at World War II and I have included some art and DT and a practical history project. We are keeping on with the night sky, look at the link… Read more »

Children’s games in World War II

In the 1941’s there were no plastics or electronics, toys were made of wood or metal or textiles and if you were lucky enough they had a clockwork mechanism! Lots of games that we play now had been invented by then, card games and chess are hundreds of years old, such as Scrabble and Monopoly,… Read more »

MyMaths due date.

You are due to have completed the last MyMaths tasks or, if you had not done the previous ones, to have caught up. As of Monday evening about half of you are in line for a smiley face, there is still time to catch up! The letters of the alphabet missing from this list spell… Read more »

This week’s learning tasks 4/5/20

As you all know this Friday the 8th May is a Bank Holiday to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of V.E. Day ( Victory in Europe ) and we have some of our learning tasks on that as well as new and continuing themes. Remember to keep checking the blogs and Parentmail to see Class 4… Read more »

It was great to see you!

Lots of smiling faces to be seen during today’s Zoom meeting including Miss Scotchford and Mrs Eastbrook who were wowed by your brilliant work and constructive suggestions. Because of the May Bank Holiday next Friday we will hold the meeting on Thursday at 10.30 am and hope that everyone will join in again. The invitation… Read more »

It’s May!

“Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.” – can you find out who wrote this line and where it is from? Here are a couple of exercises to get you ready for the Zoom meeting: Which letters of the alphabet are missing from this list and what two words that link with BOOK… Read more »