Class 4’s week

Class 4 has had an exciting week of learning with kites and baking included!

Class 4’s Week

Good morning, From today all of Class 4’s work is set on Google Classroom where everyone can get feedback from me about their wonderful work. If you are having any difficulties in accessing Google Classroom please contact the school office so that we can help. When the school is open all pupils spend at least… Read more »

Friday 15.01.21

Good morning Class 4, All of our work will now be published on google classrooms. Everyone has been sent their log-in, if you don’t have yours then please give the school office your up to date email address so that it can be sent to you. The blog will now go back to being a… Read more »

All hands on deck! DT in Class 4.

This morning Class 4 designed and created a working sail! We had a discussion about the history of sailing and the science behind a working sail. As a class, we created a large make shift sail and we had perfect weather for it!

Class 4 Spelling 14.01.21

Remember not to look at last week’s words whilst you test yourself! When you write your spellings don’t forget to look up their meanings and well as using your very best handwriting.

Class 4 Wednesday 13.01.21

Time for a maths mystery. Read the story and work through the clues, if any are too tricky then ask an adult or send me a message. The answers will be on the blog tomorrow. Your literacy is on here after these resources. Literacy, where we continue our theme of the sea. Read this poem… Read more »

Class 4 Tuesday 12.01.21

Last week’s homework is due today and next week’s literacy and numeracy homework is attached and I was so pleased with your efforts last week and the ones that I have received for this week so far! I’ve got a tricky frog themed numeracy challenge here, read down the document and choose your challenge, this… Read more »

Class 4 Monday 11.01.21

Good morning Class 4, We have lots to do this week. Today’s numeracy is solving multistep word problems. Read the question carefully and make a number sentence that answers the question. Show all of you working when you solve the calculations so that I can see how you did it. Which character from The Tempest… Read more »

Google Classroom

This coming week is the last where Class 4’s work will be set on the blog as well as Google Classroom, from the 18th January it will revert to notices and celebrations of the wonderful work that all our pupils are doing. Please log on to Google Classroom today and familiarise yourselves with it. If… Read more »