Communion Service

Thank you Reverend Sarah-Clare for leading Class 4s Communion Service in church this afternoon.


Today we continued on our journey through Lent by reflecting on being Friendly and Truthful. We found examples from the Bible of Jesus being friendly to others as well as stories he told. We thought about what a good friend is and what we can say or do to be friendly towards others.

Reading Event

This afternoon, we enjoyed reading to our loved ones. Thank you for sharing World Book Day with us in school!


This week Class 4 starts a new English task based around persuasive writing, continues to become more secure with their age expected targets and has made a great start to our topic of Storytelling with a fantastic word wall and some amazing homework already submitted.


Today we continued our theme of being truthful in Collective Worship. We thought about times when it is difficult to tell the truth and why. We then went on to talk about people we can trust to talk to at home, in school and via helplines.

10 Commandments

Today we turned our attention to our Christian Value: Truthful. We learnt about Moses and the 10 Commandments from the book of Exodus. I was very impressed with the children’s understanding of being Truthful and different versions of the truth from different peoples perspective!

Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day and we are learning about keeping ourself safe when playing online. Here are some of the websites we use to help us.


Class 1 thoroughly enjoyed sharing this book and thinking about how we should treat each other!


We are all excited for the STEM Lego workshops today!

Prodigal Son

This week Churches are marking 40 days since Christmas and Jesus being presented in the temple with their Candlemas services. In school, we have been thinking about our own Christening and how we can be a light of the world like Jesus. The parable of The Prodigal Son, helped us to think about how we… Read more »