Class 3 – Google Classroom

Over the next couple of days, you should receive a login for Google Classroom. This is a platform for looking at, downloading and sending back work. It would be useful for people to start using it as soon as possible so I can get feedback on how well it works and if any tweaks need… Read more »

Class 3 Weekly Learning: 15.06.20 Here’s the Dropbox Link as usual. This week is all about the Iron Age. There are a lot of exciting things to look at this week. Hillforts and roundhouses, poetry and maps – there’s certainly a lot to explore! I haven’t got the English and Maths weekly overviews since there are instructions in the… Read more »

Job Done!

This afternoon, we worked on finishing the shelter we designed and started to build yesterday. I’m sure you would agree that with little guidance, the children have done fantastically well completing a very competent shelter. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing. Take care, Mr. Este

D & T: Shelter From Start to (Nearly) Finished

In D & T we have been making lean to and tent frames. We went outside into the forest school area and made the frame from wood we cut to size. Now the outline of the shelter is made, we will fill it in. It’s been an excellent day!

A ‘tweet’ from D’Arcy

Whilst cutting nettles and clearing out our lovely forest school area this morning, Mr. Este was lucky enough to come across a blue-tit nest containing babies. We’ve had to make sure we are very careful not to disturb it while we are out there. This was such a wonderful discovery we thought we needed to… Read more »

Class 3 Weekly Learning: 08.06.20

Dropbox Link: I hope everyone’s keeping well. I’ve had some absolutely great work through this week and I’ve also received some lovely e-mails from people. As this continues to go on, we can only keep helping each-other out and supporting each-other when we’re finding things difficult. I will try my best to maintain contact… Read more »

The Terrible Two Continued…

I hope everyone is doing well out there. I have been rather busy in school today which is why this is coming out to you a little later. I must say I have received some amazing work and e-mails over the last couple of days and it makes me very happy to see how well… Read more »

ICT Sculpting Challenge

I was inspired by a great video from English Heritage (I think I say National Trust in the video – sorry!) to set you a sculpting challenge. Since not many of you probably have clay and sculpting tools at home, I thought I’d do it through ICT instead. 3-D sculpting and CAD (computer aided design)… Read more »

The Terrible Two Chapters 31 and 32

Good morning, For those of you still with me on this one, here are the next couple of chapters of The Terrible Two. I hope everyone is doing well and settling back into the ‘first week back’. I would still love to see some of your work e-mailed in. I’ve seen some amazing things coming… Read more »

The Terrible Two

Good morning, I hope everyone is well and starting to get back into the swing of things after half term. As I have been in school, I’ve managed to access a book we were reading but hadn’t quite finished when we started home learning – The Terrible Two. I have now managed to have the… Read more »