We are not feeling blue!

Today in school, we have dressed up in our best purple clothes in order to show our support for Cancer Research UK. Thank you for all the donations!

Sharing our shake-break

Here are some videos from our class teaparty!​ ​​​ ​​ ​​ ​ ​​​​​

Performing poetry

This week in class 3, we were given a poem which we analysed, from this poem we had to create a piece of music to represent the different parts of their poem. This was really fun being able to use our imaginations!

Tea party!!

Thank you to all who attended our Class tea party today! The children worked incredibly hard in the preparation of this and enjoyed it all.  Thank you for joining in with the children’s song too. 

Sharing is caring!

Today class one and class two combined forces in which, class two read their fantastic work to members of class one. It was fantastic!

Tea Party

Today class one have been busy baking for the Tea Party tomorrow! They are very excited to share their creations with their adults. 

Brilliant bar charts!

We worked today using our knowledge of colour mixing, capacity and maths to create some coloured water bar charts. The children enjoyed this immensely and worked very sensibly to create representations of data!

Data and graph building

The children have been busy collecting data and building graphs using multi link. We have been working out appropriate scales for our graphs.

Observational drawings

Today in class one, we looked closely at Lucy and Ginger and completed a line drawing of them. We really enjoyed watching them as we completed our art. 

A visit from Lucy and Ginger

Lucy and Ginger the Guinea pigs visited class one today. We were very excited to see how much they had grown since we last saw them a year ago.  Thank you to Mille and Millie’s Mummy for bringing them in.