Lee Valley 

This week we enjoyed a fabulous trip to Waltham Abbey Gardens. We participated in orienteering and plantlife activities. The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We were complimented on how positive and well behaved our children were. Well done for representing the school so well!

Fun at the park

Today Class 1 took a trip to the park. We focused on our road safety and remembered our green cross code. At the park, we had fun on the equipment.M Many thanks to the parent helpers who came with us.

Graphs – Traffic Survey

Before our visit to the library we did a survey of the transport we saw travelling though Tiptree. Today we used the computers to turn these into different types of graphs.

Class One in the playground

Today we went on a really fun trip to the local park. We had so much fun and played lots of fun games including hide and seek. Thank you to all of the parents who came and helped out, it was very much appreciated!

We love our new toys!

Class one have been busy enjoying our new toys donated by the PTFA. It has made such a difference to our outdoor area already. We are very grateful. 

Library Trip

What a great trip. The whole class enjoyed our trip to the library where Lynda explained how everything worked and read a lovely fantasy story to us. Then we spent some time reading books with each other, we loved the amount of books that had our names in! A big thank you to all the… Read more »

Bus roleplay

Today we planned our journey to Tiptree. We took it in turns to drive the bus and to be the passengers. We used Our good manners to ask the driver for a ticket and after the journey had finished we said thank you. We are looking forward to our trip.

Fire fire!

Today our game turned being firefighters. We found bikes, hoses and instruments to make the sirens! We used the construction toys to make the buildings too!

Deep in Thought

In maths we are focusing on mental maths, adding and subtracting in our heads and on our fingers. We have mainly used partitioning to solve problem: 34 + 13 =  Is the same as 30 + 4 + 10 + 3 = Is the same as 30 + 10 + 4 + 3 = Which… Read more »

Fair well Mrs B

Today we say a fond fair well to Mrs Bartholomew who has been a member of our school for 13 years. Thank you for everything you have done for us and we hope you come and visit soon!