Half Term Homework

I hope you are enjoying your break, Class 2. When you get back to school our topic will be The Fantastical. Below is are some activities you can do to get ready for it. Reading We will be using lots of new words to describe characters and settings in our fantasy world and will be… Read more »

Planting our beans

Today, Mr Fox helped us replant our magic beans as they had grown too big for our tubes. We really enjoyed feeling the compost and watering the beans. 

The Boy who cried Wolf

In collective worship today we discussed the importance of being truthful and honest. We thought about the consequences of our actions to ourselves and others.

ICT – Story Planning

To help us plan our stories, we used the iPads to create stop motion animations. Here are some of our first attempts. We have already started to think about how we might include the skills we have been practising in our stories, by telling each other the story from our plan or animation.

My maths and other homework.

Good morning Class 4, There are My maths tasks waiting for you with a completion date of 25/2/19. Please remember that the Topic and last weeks maths homework is due in TOMORROW, 12/2/19!

Week 5 – Spellings

The plural spelling rules we have covered this week are as follows. Words ending in y (that have a consonant in front of them) ‘We drop the y and add an i’ then es lady – ladies baby – babies Words ending in the /f/ sound We drop the f and add an es wolf – wolves shelf – shelves dwarf – dwarves Words ending with a /ch/ /sh/ /x/ /s/… Read more »

Strawberry the dragon

This week in class one we have been learning about Chinese New Year. The children and Mr Fox made a lucky dragon! ​ ​

Circulatory system 

In science, we learnt about the circulatory system and smooth muscles in our blood vessels. Do not worry, it  is only red water!​ ​

Equivalent fractions

Today we looked at equivalent fractions and percentages. Miss Scotchford made this lesson really funny. We worked hard but managed to have lots of fun.