Countdown to the Nativity

Over the last few weeks Class 1 and Class 2 have been practising the songs to our nativity (Whoops-A-Daisy Angel). Class 2 have also been practising the different parts and starting to go through their lines. Next week we will be sending home a note about what we would like the children to wear for… Read more »

What’s under our tables?

Today, something unusual was under our tables. The children discovered paper stuck underneath them and had fun drawing upside down! 

Story map

Class one have really enjoyed learning the story of The Gingerbread Man. This afternoon, we decided to create a story map to help us recall the order of the tale. Next week we are going to create questions about the story and the children are keen to quiz their families!

Homework 30.11.18

Good afternoon, Please find attached this week’s homework. We have been working on more multiplication and adverbs in English. Your children should know the spellings they need from the new lists – the list is in class if they need to double check. There is a list based on the un- prefix we have been… Read more »


We have been playing a multiplication game in maths today to help us with our speed of multiplication. We’ve enjoyed it so much we’ll be doing it for homework as well! 

Ip dip

In maths today we applied our sequence and multiplication skills to real situations. We used playground choosing rhymes like ip dip, to see if we could find a pattern to getting people out.  We discovered that the number of words in the rhyme was important. If we wanted to get out we needed to be… Read more »

Spellings & Volunteers

Please note that spellings were not tested last week due to the Christmas market and games. They will be tests and new spellings handed out this week.  Secondly, I am asking for a volunteer or volunteers to just help in checking off reading records and perhaps help with a few readers in the morning. Any… Read more »

Plastic fantastic

Today we were making counters and pieces for our own board games. We used plastic, which we decorated and placed in the oven to shrink. The results were amazing!

Teeth Experiment

Class 2 asked at the start of half term if they could do some science experiments so today we did one linked to on the animal work we have done. Last week we learnt about the different types of teeth and how they linked to their diet. Today we looked at why we need to… Read more »

Game night!

This afternoon, we had a look at some classic board games including: Monopoly, Cluedo, Game of Life, Snakes and Ladders and many more. We analysed the key features of each game.