Number of the day

Today, our number of the day was 7. The children problem solved our number board, changing the concrete objects as needed. The children were able to prove their answers and we also investigated bigger and smaller numbers. 

Number jumps

Today in maths, we looked at number jumps going up in twos, fives and tens. We played a game in which, in pairs, we started in the centre of the number line and rolled a dice. The number we rolled equals the number of jumps you do and whoever makes it to the end of… Read more »

Supporting charities

Today we had a visitor in assembly from Little Havens who spoke to us about the work that they do to support children and their families. The Rota Kids are busy planning the charities that they will support this year. Information has been sent home with the children if you would like to support this… Read more »


Just a couple of pictures of blurbs for the books we will be writing next week.