Science – Living Things

In science we have been sorting things we find around us. Today we sorted them into alive, not alive and was live. We found out that all living things can: Move Breathe Sense Grow Have young Excrete Need food We discussed various different things before finishing with water. We couldn’t decide if water was alive… Read more »

RE – Special Items

In RE we were inking about special items. We started by making some balloon animals. But then Mr Salmon asked us to pop them! We didn’t want to do this. We talked about the reasons why we didn’t want to pop them: We had made them We wanted to copy them to make more We… Read more »

Super phonics

Class 1 had an amazing phonics session today. Our new sound was ‘u’ and the children enjoyed using chalk on black paper to write the grapheme. We then moved onto write CVC words using the sounds we already know. 

Doctor Sock and Cupcake

Today we iced the cupcakes we made yesterday. We made them to look like the cupcakes from Traction Man. We gave them eyes and mouths, changing their expression to how we thought they might be in the story. A big thank you to Mrs Brownlee for helping us cook.

Our body

This week we will be learning about different parts of the body. We have begun to explore this as we created a new member for our class. We have as yet to give him/her a name! Any suggestions? Whilst you are going about your routines at home, could you help by talking about parts of… Read more »

Sleep diaries

Just as a reminder, can we make sure that we are bringing in our completed sleep diaries as they will need to be stuck in to our books asap. If you have lost your original, please feel free to come and get a new one. Many thanks!

Big Write

Last Friday we enjoyed taking part in the big write. We took inspiration from fragments of stories scattered around the building before having a go at independent writing. 


We had to follow a lot of instructions in ICT today, we found some of them challenging. So we went outside and had a think about where we were getting stuck. One of the biggest fears we had was breaking the computers! Mr Salmon reassured us that this could not happen unless we were being… Read more »

Year 2 Maths Homework

Today I have given out the logins for MyMaths to our year twos in class. On it are the username and password to access this weeks homework. This will be set weekly and will be linked to our learning in class. If you have problems accessing the homework, or doing it, please do ask. Below… Read more »


Today we learnt to control a hockey ball using a hockey stick. We learnt how to hold the stick correctly and keep our eye on the ball.