Half Term Homework

Apologies for the delay. We have had some problems with the website over the weekend. Below is the writing homework for this half term, please have it ready before the end of the second week back. I have also set maths homework on mymaths. I have chosen homework that doesn’t require Flash Player so it… Read more »

Class 3 coming to visit 

Class 3 Came to class 1 today and showed us the amazing work they have completed. We had lots of fun getting a sneak peek into their class work .

Class assembly

Today we shared our learning with the school and our families. We have thoroughly enjoyed our Stone Age topic! Thank you for coming to watch us.

Altar cloths

Thank you Mrs Towers for our new altar cloths which you kindly made and donated to the school. We shall look forward to moving through the year and dressing the altar with the different colours in line with the church seasons.

Prayer Spaces

Today the Christian Youth Outreach team set up prayer spaces in the library. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing the activities and reflecting by saying please, sorry and thank you for different aspects of our lives. Here are some of the pictures from the day!

Similes and Metaphors

This week we are writing poetry. Today we looked more at similes and metaphors. We each wrote a for a poem using similes or metaphors. At the end we collected them to make our first poem. The house was as big as a mammoth, A fire host as the sun, The Stone Age man was… Read more »

Prayer spaces

Today we had the opportunity to see what the prayer spaces looked like and what activities were in then.  We had lots of Fun participating the all the activities.

Jonah and the Whale

The Holy Council led collective worship following the theme of our Christian value – Courage. The team planned and led a puppet show about Jonah and the Whale. We talked about the story and reflected on how Jonah built up the courage to do as God had asked him. Well done to the Holy Council… Read more »

Royal celebrations

We thoroughly enjoyed our royal picnic to celebrate the wedding. Thank you Maxine for organising this event.

Class 2 Assembly

This week we have been writing letters. We started the week looking at informal and formal language, before writing a reply trying to convince a Mr Know It All that the Stone Age did really happen! To the end the week the children each wrote a formal letter, using formal sentence openers, inviting you to… Read more »